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You're thirsty. You go to your fridge, place the cup to the dispenser and fill it with ice. Then, place your cup to the dispenser to fill it with water....

Nothing happens.

All you're wanting is some water from your refrigerator, but for some reason your fridge isn't cooperating.

You try again. Not happening.

So, you're forced to walk away from your refrigerator with the built-in filtering system that you likely paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars for and fill your cup with water from your faucet.

Ok, maybe in the grand scheme of things its not THAT big of a deal, but still it sure would be nice if you could get water from your fridge's built-in water dispenser.

What to do?

You could call the retailer whom you purchased the refrigerator from. But then, you think back to the last time you called them and had to spend an hour and 27 minutes on the phone through 4 transfers and being put on hold 9 different times trying to get the right person to speak to only to be accidentally hung up on right as you think they're about to tell you the information you need.

No way! Can't do that again.

Well, you could call an appliance technician. But wait, you remember the last time they came to assist with a different issue there was an $80 service fee just for showing up, then another $170 for the parts and labor. Ouch!

There's got to be another way!

So, you decide instead to search online for how to fix your refrigerator's water line. Boom! You discover the Water Line Buddy Deluxe - Frozen Water Line Tool, watch the quick tutorial video on how to use it, place your order on Amazon, receive it shortly thereafter and use it to unthaw your frozen water line so you can once again enjoy water from your fridge's dispenser!

Quick, easy and inexpensive...the Water Line Buddy Deluxe - Frozen Water Line Tool saves the day!

So, what do you say??

Ready to get your Water Line Buddy?

The Water Line Buddy - Frozen Water Line Tool is conveniently available from Amazon, where you can shop easily, safely and even take advantage of Prime shipping!

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